25 September 2014

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12 January 2014
10 July 2013

"(240)" - Modern Baseball

8 July 2013

I don’t know Ryan Davis…but I listened to him…just about every week for a over a year now on the Giant Bombcast Podcast. I felt complete shock this afternoon when I read that he’s now gone.

I discovered Giant Bomb like all other great things on the internet - by clicking a random link posted by someone and not expecting anything overly worthwhile - But what I found there was a gaming site run by guys that not only “got it” but that also thought and talked about games like I wanted to - Ryan always kept the conversations moving on the podcast and had a way of making a listener thousands of miles away, like myself, feel included.

I think the article linked to above by Justin Mcelroy (another great gaming writer for Polygon) articulates what he was not only to Giant Bomb fans like myself, but to the modern gaming community which he shaped.

5 July 2013


BioShock Infinite Posters by Austin Light

7 May 2013
7 May 2013


Spotify’s nightmare realized: Chrome extension allows MP3 download of any song

A new Chrome extension lets Spotify users permanently download any song currently available from the streaming music service, a massive slip-up that could quickly upset record labels and music publishers. The Downloadify tool appears to take advantage of weak (or nonexistent) encryption in Spotify’s web player, which the company launched in beta back in November. By simply installing the extension — freely available in the Chrome Web Store — and starting to play a song, users will download a full, DRM-free MP3 file of the track.


7 May 2013


New ‘Man of Steel’ Banners


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7 May 2013


It’s time to get serious about going to Mars, says NASA

Landing humans on Mars would be a multi-stage process, and there’s not much time if it’s to be done by 2030.


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5 May 2013

My instagram was freaking out yesterday so I couldn’t post this #jazzfest2013 #mutemath